Nuby March Series/Week 2: Stacking Bath Boats

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Welcome back to the Nuby March Series!

This week will be all about the Stacking Bath Boats. This is a pack of 5 colorful boats which can be used during bath time and if turned upside down water comes down right through creating waterfall fun! We on the other hand use our Stacking Bath Boats to teach Angelo his colors and to get his brain working by having him stack the boats in their correct order based on size.

The boats come in red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. They each are a different size and are stack able. This is Angelo’s favorite way to learn/practice his colors! All I do is grab some plain white construction paper and write out the name of the colors according to their matching marker.

Then he is to match the word with the correct colored boat by placing each boat on top of the word/color. Also, we go over each letter in the word and this teaches him the alphabet as well as learning his colors. I found this activity to be more eye catching and it keeps him focused for much longer than doing flashcards. We love flashcards, but after a few minutes he’s done and on to the next thing.

The Nuby Stacking Bath Boats are great for children 9 months and up. They are BPA free and an ease to put away! They can be used in the bath, at the pool or beach, and just about anywhere where there is water….. and paper like in our choice of use!

It is available for purchase on Amazon. Be sure to follow Nuby for upcoming products through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.



Nuby March Series/Week 1: Sure Grip Miracle Mat

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Hi guys!

This month every week I will be sharing a couple Nuby products I have been using on a daily basis with you guys. I have been using these products for the past couple of months just so I can give my truthful and honest opinion on them!

I will start off the week with the Sure Grip Miracle Mat. I mainly wanted to use this for Angelo’s therapy sessions for the simple fact that the mat has two compartments for food and has a non-slip base. This mat works for us because the two compartments are a perfect size for different foods. The showcasing of just two servings doesn’t overwhelm him while trying to get him to try new things. The non-slip base sticks to flat surfaces and literally does not move! During his sessions he sometimes becomes frustrated because he doesn’t want to finish a meal. He tends to slap the plate off the table making all the food go to waste and having to end our food therapy sessions short. The Miracle Mat has changed this for us because it sticks directly on the table and will not wiggle or move even if he touches it.

We use it at home frequently especially for breakfast time, because breakfast is NOT his favorite meal. This morning I was able to get him to eat some eggs and strawberry waffles out of it with no problem. Overall, I love the easiness of this mat. It serves as a plate and mat so it keeps all the food in one place. It can be used right about when baby is ready to start solids and +.  The plate itself is silicone, BPA free and dishwasher safe so right after a meal you can just wipe it down or toss it in the washer. It is available for purchase at Babies r Us and Amazon.

Be sure to follow Nuby for upcoming products through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Down time Music Choices 

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Hi guys!

I get asked a lot what stations or apps I use to put little miss Scarlett down for naps and bedtime. I thought I’d gather some of our favorites so far and share with you all. These might help put your little one down as well or even yourself lol (not lying I’ve fallen asleep with Scarlett several times #momprobs). 

I’m going to start off with my top choice. She’s been listening to sonatas since birth and loves it! The app I use is called Sonata in the app store. My choice of composers each time are Bethoveen and Bach. What I love about this app are the features it provides. At the top right corner there is a tab called “Composers” you can press it and choose what you are looking for like for example I always have it on “help kids” or “help sleep” and it gives you a list of composers who can provide just that. Also, it has a “Votes” tab at the bottom which displays a percentage of what each composer trully helps with. The votes come from people who use the app, I thought that was really nice.

My second choice is an app I’m sure everyone has on there phone and thats Pandora. In Pandora we love to listen to Baby Lullaby Radio and I recently discovered Enya that was recommended by a friend. Baby Lullaby is your typical childrens lullabies. It has a lot of Rockabye baby music which I love the kids to listen to. Angelo has listened to Rockabye baby since birth as well and we carry cds in the car too. Enya is very soothing and peaceful. I truly like to listen to it myself. It brings some sort of peace to my heart. Its amazing! 

Lastly, the app Deep Sleep. It consists of a group of different sounds. The one we constantly use is Sounds from Nature and choose Rain (medium). 

Down below I attached how these apps are pictured on the app atore so they are easier to locate. I hope I have helped some of you with new choices to help put your little ones down. I also use these apps during bathtime to make it a soothing ambiance for Scarlett.



Maternity Photos

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They’re finally in my hands and I love them all! Seriously still can’t believe I made it to this shoot in Miami. We literally drove in to Miami the night before, did the shoot the next morning and left back home right after.

I did three different looks with May. I wanted the traditional shots with my husband and son and then the rest just focusing on myself and this baby bump. May is known for her maternity mermaid looks. In reality she can make anything you have in mind come to life! The mermaid look was our second shot and then I wanted a boho semi nude look, but that turned into a full nude photo session lol. May was excited for the nude shots. She convinced me to go full nude because she’s always wanted to shoot a expecting mother in that matter, but know one was ever open to do so. She made me feel SO comfortable in my own skin that I knew I needed to do this if not I was going to regret allowing her to capture these images. I have no regrets! Those pictures are my ultimate favorite from the entire photoshoot. My husband couldn’t even believe I did it lol.

We took our pictures on a private beach in key biscayne. It was so beautiful and peaceful. While we finished up the shoot Angelo and Mike were able to enjoy some time alone on the beach looking for shells and spotting baby crabs on the shore. We were the only ones on the beach that day.

May captured everything I wanted exactly how I wanted it. She was beyond amazing with working with my family. You can follow and see more of May’s work on instagram under @alleyezonmay.

& now enjoy the rest of our photos! 

Xox. ❤

Scarlett’s Enchanted Garden

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Just a few days ago we celebrated our baby shower with family and friends. I had been stressing this day for a couple of months now for the simple fact that I am on my last semester of school before graduation in December and lets just say my tearchers are NO joke! Anyhow, I am just happy this day turned out beyond amazing and exceeded my expectations.I had a few working hands helping me out to get my vision out there. I decided this time around (unlike Angelo’s shower) to hire a decorator. I did so for his first birthday and it was a huge success! I contacted Albania from @festejos_party_rentals and we met up at her beautiful home, shared some ideas, and she created the rest. Albania offers a variety of services. She can completely decorate and set up for any event, rent out her decor, or work with your request. She works with different vendors and also got my beautiful cake made for me. I went with a naked floral cake and got a custom cake topper made welcoming the arrival of our little lady. I purchased it off of etsy from ThePaperWish.All the centerpieces for the tables were created by my cousin and I (mostly her jaja). I purchased everything through Michaels and surprisingly the Dollar Store. You can find so much DIY stuff at the Dollar Store. For example, the standing mason jars are a candle holder glued on to a mason jar and we filled them up with moss that I also found at the Dollar Store. Topped them off with cute cup coasters in gold and blush pink, tied with some string. They turned out perfect! We played several games like “whats in your bag”, “baby scramble”, “bottle feeding”, “how big is mom”, and opened my gifts later after along with cutting the cake. All of our food was catered by one of my husbands friends Latin American restaurant. The food was amazing! If you are local here in Orlando please check them out! They have several restaurants around the area called Lechonera Latina Restaurant.Overall, my baby shower came together exactly how I hope for it to be! We’re super excited to meet Scarlett and cherish her with love. We’re thankful for all the gifts recieved and for every single person who came and celebrated with us!

I will share all the other extra stuff like rentals and where I got my dress from as well down below!


Dee ❤

Dress: @Silkfairies

Party Decorator/table rentals: @festejos_party_rentals

Throne chair rental: @ck_creativestudio

P.S: Enjoy all the extra pictures friends and family were able to capture for me since I forgot my camera.

Gender Reveal

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My thoughts on hosting a gender reveal with baby #2 wasn’t even a choice! I wanted one with Angelo but it wasn’t possible due to all the pressure I was already put under finding out I was pregnant and a bride to be. 

In the mist of planning a wedding I wasn’t in the mood to plan a gender reveal as well or put my mother or anyone else close to me to do so. My mother was my “wedding planner” and granted every wish/detail I wanted plus more. That woman is amazing and seriously does anything to make her kids happy. I had a total of 300 guest at my wedding; don’t ask me why. I regretted it the day of, but my family is huge plus my husbands and friends. It was amazing regardless. Everyone had the time of their lives which made me really appreciative of all the hard work my mom pulled off. 


Any who back to the idea of hosting this very special day. I get off track easily haha. The idea of a gender reveal for baby #2 was a must. Our families were anxious to know the sex from the start that I announced I was pregnant. My in laws were desperatly hoping a girl because there are none in the family. My husband only has a brother and most of their cousins are boys. The men in their family have only had babyboys and the women as well. My family were also routing for a girl this time. Although most thought it be another boy lol. Everyone was just excited and ready to welcome a little fashionista to the family. 


The choice of revealing the gender was a baseball theme. We planned for it to be hosted at a baseball field that my husband plays at. We were only doing a gathering with family and close friends. I was on the hunt for a custom baseball made with the color of the gender inside to reveal. My husband would bat the “ball” and it would explode in the air with either pink or blue. I came across a Etsy shop who was able to make this happen. I will link her shop down below for anyone interested! She makes golf balls as well. Plans became switched up and we ended up hosting the reveal at my mothers boyfriend buisness, which worked out regardless. 


The idea was to keep the gender a surpise for both my husband and I. We had a constant battle of bets on the gender lol. I was sure it was a girl and he was sure a boy. He wanted another boy. 

The day of the ultrasound he didn’t even give me the chance to tell the sonographer “please place the gender in an envelope” 🙄😑. Right at the time when she asked was because the baby was postioned with legs open! She said well daddy you are having….. “A GIRL”!!! 

I didn’t act surprised and just screamed out “I told you so”! He was in shock! He couldn’t believe it haha. It was funny to watch.

We sat in our car and promised not to tell anyone until the reveal party. I did tell my bestfriend, because she was initially suppose to make the baseball for me. 


That day came. We wore denim/blue not to throw people off but because it was the only shirt that actually fit me correctly lol. I wore a PinkBlush maternity top that was so comfortable. He wore denim and sneakers. We got in postion and finally revealed the gender to our new baby bug. In fact girl and in fact our families were filled with joy! You can see for yourselves in the video down below. Haha 


So all of my kids names have been picked out since I met my husband 10 years ago and I’ve always only wanted two children; boy and girl. Angelo Armani is my son and now for this little lady I am able to give the name Scarlett Rose. 

I can’t wait to hold her in November. ❤




Baseball reveal ball:

PinkBlush Maternity top:

(They are hosting a 30% off all dresses with code DRESSFORLESS)

Floral in the summer.

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Hi dolls! This beautiful floral printed maternity maxi from PinkBlush Maternity is one of my very first maternity pieces. This 3/4 sleeve maxi is seriously probably the most comfortable piece of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. This baby has mama growing at the speed of light and it is no joke! I can seriously say by the second month of pregnancy I outgrew anything from the waist down. This has been a great surprise since with my first it was completely different. 

The material on this maxi is polyester mixed with spandex which helps with a growing belly and should fit throughout my entire pregnancy. The most amazing part is I could use this dress right after pregnancy for nursing! It is a wrap dress so the top is very flexible to nurse in for the simple fact it has a v-neckline. Although it has a 3/4 sleeve the material feels and is very breathable which is great for these hot summer days in Florida.

I love this dress and my husband loves it even more on me jaja, but seriously I recieved so many compliments!

You can purchase this comfy maxi here! Mine was a size small. If you have a bigger bust I would size up. I don’t believe you have to be carrying in order to wear this piece because it seriously would look great on anyone!

PinkBlush and I have collaborated to host a giveaway of a $75 gift card to all my readers. Please head on over to my Instagram account @deearivett for all info to enter 😊. (This giveaway is open to everyone)

Xox, dee ❤

*Disclaimer: All of these opinions where based solely and truthfully by me. This is not a paid ad.