The Nutcracker STARRING Scarlett – 1st Birthday

November 15, 2017 § 6 Comments

Over the weekend we celebrated my girls first birthday and baptism. I have been planning this birthday since I was pregnant with Scarlett because;

1.I like a head start

2.The theme required a lot of time to plan.

Scarlett’s 1st Birthday was a Nutcracker Party! Christmas is my favorite holiday and growing up I loved the Nutcracker ballet play. I knew I wanted something based off of it so I went to Pinterest. Sure enough it was a thing and I saw a few birthday parties based on the theme. One thing for sure was the decor all had to be created by me and only a small range of brands carried Nutcracker related birthday stuff.[Table skirt Festejos Party Rentals]

I did my research and found a boutique party shop who sold a line of gorgeous The Nutcracker Play related party supplies, but to my luck they were all international buyers and most of it all was sold out or just not available yet. I took myself to Etsy and sure enough I was able to find everything I needed for the kids table I wanted to create.[Backdrop CK Creative Studio] [Cake pops Lu belle Cakes – Nutcracker custom cookies Sweet Posh Cookie Co.][Cake Lu belle Cakes]

The cake table consisted of a beautiful fondant cake made out of almond cake and cream cheese filling, red velvet ballerina cake pops, Nutcracker Play inspired custom cookies, and a variety of Spanish sweets (mini tres leche, parcha mouse, and coconut bites). Everything tasted delicious![High chair Tutu skirt/ ONE banner/ Hobby Lobby – Wooden Pram Homegoods]

My vision for this party was a stage lookalike background with red velvet curtains, a dress up corner, a candy bar/goodie bag section, and a kids table set up for hands on activities.[Plates and party hats Celebration Lane – Cups Cranky Cakes Shop]

The activities I had in mind for the children were to create their own cookies and make their own holiday ornaments. We only got through the kids making their cookies because it was a big hit. We also booked a magician for entertainment which stole the show! He was A M A Z I N G! He brought in a live bunny that he incorporated in his magic show and did twist balloons for all the kids. It was a great hit for sure![Tree cones Homegoods – White wooden table Festejos Party Rentals][Nutcracker goodie boxes Oriental Trading]

All of the Nutcrackers and tree cones used were purchased from different stores like Ross, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dollar Store, and Target. Everything else was already owned by me or created with the help of my husband. All the furniture used were rented out pieces.[Wooden dolly pram Homegoods – Scarlett’s dress eBay – Scarlett’s crown eBay]

Scarlett’s outfits were definitely my favorite to pick out and put together. We did a dress for her entrance at the party and then changed her into a leotard tutu once the magician arrived. Honestly, her dress was never apart of the plan and it was definitely a last minute purchase. You wouldn’t believe how much I paid for that dress and how beautiful it made my girl look. I found it on eBay one night. It was in the perfect color and said it would arrive on time so I bought it! It only cost me 15$ ya’ll!!!! (I’ll provide links to it down below). Then her leotard was from @Dollcakevintage on Instagram. Her gold crown was from eBay, only cost me a 1$ HOLLA ATCHA GIRL! And her ballet shoes were from Amazon.[Leotard tutu Doll Cake – My red jumpsuit Forever21]

I enjoyed creating this dream come true for my little babe. I know its over the top for some but thats just me. I love being extra ecpecially when it comes to my kids.

The guest tables were decorated with vases full of red flowers, floating candles, gold mason jars, and nutcrackers. Gold charger plates with gold and white paper plates in the canter with a pink napkin and candy cane. The tables were covered in white linens with sparkly pink runners and white chair covers with red satin sashes! I didn’t get to picture them but I’m sure I have a picture somewhere and I’ll update the post when I find it.

If you have any questions or I miss anything you’d like to know info on just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!


Darivett ❤


All About my Frankie ft. Jord Watches

October 22, 2017 § 6 Comments

Hello ya’ll,

I have been dying inside to talk about this super unique time piece! If you love watches you definitely NEED a Jord Watch in your collection. 

I don’t have quite a big collection of watches but I do have a few favorites and none are the same. The Frankie is a 100% natural, hand finished wood watch. It has a sapphire crystal big face with a ebony band. 

What attracted me the most to this watch was the c o l o r. I don’t own anything like it. Then, the way it’s made out of pure wood, it is so light on the wrist that you forget its even there. I’ve received so many compliments while wearing it out! Since it does have a big face; meaning the glass itself is wider; it sticks out like a thumb and the biggest W O W factor to people is the fact it is all natural wood.

I wore out my Frankie to the pumpkin patch with my kiddos. I wore it out with a vintage floral print skirt from Zara known as “couch floral” for this seasons Fall 2017 fashion trend, paired with a white button up off the shoulder blouse and some suede blush toned heeled strappy flats. The watch tied my look together with my gold tone jewelry. I was/am o b s e s s e d with it!

Another thing is the craftsmanship of delivery of this watch. It comes in a wooden box with a color pen incase of touch ups, a cleaning cloth, and moisture beads to care for the watch when not in use. The box itself is also made out of pure wood. I was so amazed upon delivery opening it up because you can just smell the pure wood.

I wore my Frankie one more time recently and that was last night for a Halloween party. I was a devil angel and I am not one to walk out the house without some type of accessory. My Jord paired with the rest of my costume went so well! 

Nonetheless, you can wear this baby anywhere! And because I am sooooo overly obsessed with this baby, Jord watches has offered to let me host a giveaway for you guys to have a chance to win $100 towards any Jord watch of choice. + even if you don’t win by entering you still receive a $25 credit to use on their site.

To win just follow these simple steps:

1️⃣Follow myself @deearivett & @jordwatches on Instagram 

2️⃣Enter using this link provided

Or head on over to my Instagram account and follow the link in bio! 

The contest will close tonight 10/22 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on December 31st. Good luck!


Find my watch here: Frankie in Ebony and Gold

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Breakfast Routine with Silikids

September 26, 2017 § 10 Comments

H e l l o!

Thought I’d share some of Scarlett’s favorites for breakfast each day. We keep it pretty simple most days because I am always on the quick go in the mornings on the week days with trying to get Angelo to school on time. 

Scarlett loves scrambled eggs and she’ll have them if I make them for myself B U T for the days I don’t have enough time to whip some eggs up I stick to these two cereals.

  1. Nestum 5 cereals 
  2. Nurturme Organic Quinoa Cereals quinoa + bananas 

I’ve used Nestum ever since having Angelo. It was one of his favorites for the rich yummy flavor. It has like a sweet vanilla smell to it. I usually can find this at Publix

The Nurturme quinoa + banana is something new I picked up about two months ago. She LOVES this stuff! The best part its organic and a much better alternative to giving your baby rice cereal. If you didn’t know the board of pediatric has redone research on the health benefits of baby rice cereals and its no longer recommended to be given to babies. They have discovered a high in arsenic to be available in rice cereals so I decided to just plain cut out the rice cereals and stick to other iron fortified cereals like oats, barley and wheat. 

When I came across Nurturme and quinoa I was very surprised and decided to give it a try. Its worked out well for us and they offer different mixes of flavors like quinoa + apple, quinoa + sweet potato + raisin, and a protein packed option as well. You can find this brand at Target!

Since both these products are liquid based in the process of prepping. I was on the hunt for the perfect bowl to use. Something with a sturdier bottom and easy to clean. A lot of those plastic bowls keep most residue still on it even if you hand wash it. Thats where Silikids comes in the picture. They kindly sent over some of their products for me to try and they honestly came at the right time because like I said I’ve been lookong for the perfect bowl.

Silikids is a company of silicone based childrens tableware and cups/sippys but their stuff is pretty unique. 
I have been using the Silibowl for breakfast time very frequently. The bowl brings a lid that can be used as a plate and a lid to store away left overs. The lid has a air tight squeeze which leaves food fresh. The bowl can be used in the microwave and it is dishwasher safe as well. 

Also their Siliskin Sippy Cup is such an amazing invention!! This sippy cup can be used by both Scarlett and Angelo. The top of this sippy cup is a stretchy silicone material that can be used over cups of multiple sizes. Which leaves the bottom portion accessible for a bigger kid to use as a regular cup! How freaking A M A Z I NG is that!! It’s a 2 in 1 cup and perfect for home or traveling. Once again it is dishwasher safe, 100% silicone, and can be boiled to sterilize.

Once Scarlett gets a bit older her breakfast routine will start to change and I’ll keep you guys updated on that!




Products Mentioned: (click for links)

You can find Silikids on Instagram @gosiliproducts

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Early Fall Mini Shoot

August 30, 2017 § 11 Comments


We had the pleasure of working with Ryan Clark Photography for a mini family shoot. The outfits we wore had been selected from things we already owned in our closet. My dress was bought while I was pregnant with Scarlett. I loved the style and color for a future family shoot. I incorporated the color of my dress to everyones outfits so thats how it turned out into a “early” fall shoot, but honestly it’s no where near fall here in Florida. Scarlett’s outfit had been bought when she was in my tummy and I was surprised it even fit her. Literally fit her so well I doubt she’ll get any use of it for Fall!

Well let me stop the babbling and here are the rest of our family pictures;


Thank you so much to Ryan for capturing these moments for us. You can check his feed over on his Instagram @ryanclarkphotograph.



August Pinkblush Favorites

August 23, 2017 § 8 Comments

Hey ladies!

I’m back with a brand I love so much! Pinkblush is a brand I have had the pleasure of featuring on Modern World Momma for quite some time now. They have been with me along the way through both my pregnancies, postpartum and just everyday womanhood. You can literally find anything for any shape/size or point in your life through Pinkblush

I am going to share with you two pieces I have been wearing through this month that I love and feel comfortable in.

The first piece is a high low floral dress with a stretchy V like neckline. I chose this piece because it was short sleeved, flowy, and had an easy accessibility to nurse my little babe. I am wearing a size small.

The material on this dress is so amazingly stretchy. It could be worn through pregnancy and after. It was a breeze to nurse in because the flaps on each side are easy to pull over underneath your breast.

The second piece is a long black overlay skort. This skort looked so different to me because I’ve never seen anything like it. It has a drawstring waistline which is perfect for postpartum! I am wearing a size medium in this but I’m sure I could of gone down to a small if I wanted to. 

I paired this with a grey lingerie looking top that’s highly in style right now with some black wrapped pointy toe flats and a heather grey hat. I recieved so many compliments on this outfit! 

These two items have been worn more than once just for the comfort purpose. Of course anything easy to nurse in is a + for me too! I enjoy styling Pinkblush pieces and being able to share them with you guys.

Until next time ladies! ❤


Shop Links: 
Pink Floral Hi-Low Wrap Dress
Black Solid Overlay Skort

Sponsored post by Pinkblush. 

All opinions are my own.

Bottle to Cup Training with Nuby

July 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hi ya’ll!

I am back sharing with you all my journey through breastfeeding and trying to get this little babe to take at least one bottle! Seriously I never believed anyone when they told me some babes just won’t take a bottle because they rather the boob. Welp Scarlett refuses a bottle from me but if its grandma she’ll take it with no problem.

Scarlett is 8 months now and I’ve started giving her at least 1oz. of water or juice in a sippy cup after each meal to flush everything down. We have been using Nuby’s Natural Touch Bottle to Cup to transition her from its slow flow bottle nipple to the no spill spout. I started introducing her to this bottle a little over 4 months ago and she wasn’t having it! She showed no interest to the nipple at all. At around 6 months I switched it over to the spout and she’s done much better getting the hang of drinking from it with the super easy detachable handles to help her hold on to it.

I carry this cup around in my diaper bag all the time because it holds up to 9oz of liquid which is enough to have for a whole day of being out and about.

Most importantly this bottle to cup is BPA FREE and a great investment since it can be used from 3 months+!

The Nuby Natural Touch Bottle to Cup can be found at Babies R Us.



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

 Logic Products- All Purpose Cleaner Part 1

May 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hello welcome back!

I know I’ve been MIA these last two weeks, but my brother in law is getting married this weekend so I’ve been running around the last couple of weeks trying to get outfits for Scarlett and I and suits for Angelo and my husband since they are apart of the wedding. All through the madness Scarlett has been sick but its all been respiratory and it has been driving me insane because it seems like shes had it for over three weeks now! Anywho, I thought this would be the  perfect timing to talk about a natural based product I have been using to disinfect after the kiddos and the house in general.

First, lets back track a bit and let me tell you why I DON’T use BLEACH in my house for cleaning purposes.

  1. It triggers my migraines
  2. I hate the smell
  3. The fumes it produces such as ammonia 
  4. Gives me itchy hands; irritates my skin

All of these factors and others that I’m sure you could Google and read upon are just some as to why I don’t ever use bleach to clean up at home. I try to find alternatives to safer more natural products and thats where Logic Products All Purpose Cleaner comes in. I’ve been using this product non stop lately mainly because of Scarlett being sick. I’ve been wiping everything down that she touches or that anyone touches so that Angelo won’t catch anything. I don’t need two kids sick now!

This All Purpose Cleaner comes in two different sents; Citrus Grove and Jasmine Mist. They both smell amazing but I’ve been using each bottle for different purposes around the house. Today I’ll touch bases on Citrus Grove. This sent is exactly what it sounds like its a natural therapeutic grapefruit oil aroma. Once you spray some of this goodness on your counters it is safe to say there are no toxic residue left floating around for your family to inhale. Also, it cleans very well around the house on every surface except wood. I’ve been using the All Purpose Cleaner to wipe down/disinfect all of the kids toys, furniture and food spills.

When it’s time to feed Scarlett I always grab a few things to have on hand so I don’t have to walk away from her and grab them later. Those things consist of her food, spoon, sippy cup, wipes, paper towel/cloth, and cleaning solution to clean up after her spills and eating chair. I feel safe using this all natural plant based product on her baby things for the simple fact that I don’t worry that if she places them in her mouth after cleaning there are no harmful ingredients that will harm her in any way. Just the thought of cleaning something with bleach and then having her place it right back in her mouth makes me cringe! 

Logic Products all Natural HomeLogic products are phthalate free, Ammonia free, formaldehyde free, chlorine free, bleach free, petroleum free, DEA & PEG free, paraben free, nonylphenol ethoxylate free, triclosan free methylisothiazolinone & benzisothiazolinone free, TEA free, and do not contain artificial colors or fragrances. They are cruelty free and vegan free as well!

I’ll be closing up my overall review on a seperate post next week sharing another way I like to use these products focusing on the sent Jasmine Mist!

You can visit Logic Products full line of products at and follow them on Instagram @logicproducts.



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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