Family Bonding ft. Father’s Factory Wooden Camera Toy

February 5, 2018 § Leave a comment

I’m back guys! & this time sharing one of our favorite wooden toys lately. If you know me then you know I much rather buy my kids wooden toys over plastic. They are just much nicer looking and last way longer!

Father’s Factory is a shop started up by a dad of two girls who is set on one goal and that is to bring the joy of family bonding with their wooden toys.

We love their 35mm Vintage Style Camera. It is defiantly high quality wood with such realistic features. Two of my favorite parts that my son enjoyed playing with were its kaleidoscope lens and magnetic flashing light. I really loved the feature of the magnetic detachable flash, because it makes that piece less likely to get lost around the house.

Both my kiddos (4 & 1) enjoyed playing with this wooden camera. Angelo has watched me take pictures of him all his life so he likes that now he can carry his own and copy me around. Haha. Scarlett already gets the hang of where the shoot button on the wooden camera is she loves that, oh and peeking her eye through the flash lens!

They have so many different options on wooden cameras and have a few styles coming out soon.

All of Father’s Factory wooden toys are eco-friendly too!

Now, because I know some of you have so much interest in getting one for your home. Father’s Factory has provided me with a coupon code for you all to use on their website It is DC15 for 15% off your entire purchase and you get free domestic shipping as well!!

I hope you all get around to purchasing one because you won’t be disappointed!



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

*coupon is active for a period of 10 days


Best At Home Teeth Whitening: A Smiles Worth a Thousand Words

February 2, 2018 § 1 Comment

Hello guys!

For the past couple of months I have been on a mission to a whiter s m i l e. I could go in to extra details about how I feel about my smile now after being an adult but I’ll focus on one of the –>main<– reasons, which starts with whiter teeth!

Smile Brilliant is a custom fittedwhitening tray system that can be achieved from the comfort of your home. Yup at home!

They reached out to me to work together and hey, I was super excited! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can smile without showing my teeth, because honestly I’ve felt so self conscious about them. When I was younger my teeth were perfect to me. No spaces, yellowing, or crooked teeth. Overtime, into adult hood my smile has changed tremendously in my opinion. Yellowing being one of the main reasons which can be caused from our daily diet and aging no brainier. Anyways, Abby from Smile Brilliant has been working with me closely to get me that perfect white smile I’ve been wanting for so long now!

The process to the treatment is so easy and simple!

First, you start out with your teeth whitening kit that includes all the steps, directions, and products necessary to achieve that smile worth a thousand words. Then, you make your imprints of both top and bottom of your teeth. Once those are done you send them off to their lab in a prepaid mailed envelope they provide. Finally, within a few weeks you receive your final product of retainers that you will be using with the whitening gel and desensitizing gel afterwards.

The whitening sessions went well for me I didn’t have any issues or tooth sensitivity during the process. I started with 45 minutes then bumped it up to an hour-2 hours. After the third day I saw a tremendous difference on my teeth.

I am not a coffee drinker but I do drink a lot of juice and mainly those in the berries department. Also, I have never whiten my teeth before, so I was able to see a big difference in such short time.

A smile to me is worth a thousand words. Your smile is apart of who you are. It makes or breaks a persons self esteem and how they want to face the world. I was the person to always smile big in all my pictures with no worries at all. Overtime my smile was not my favorite feature. Now I have no shame in showing my teeth after my whitening treatment thanks to Smile Brilliant.

Make sure to check out more teeth whitening results!

& because Smile Brilliant is so amazing they are allowing me to give one of you a chance to have a whiter smile! I have partnered up with them to host a Giveaway!!!!

Follow these steps to Enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram @deearivett
  2. Click the link –>
  3. You MUST submit your name and email address on the giveaway page link
  4. Tag a friend on my IG post

That’s all!!

The winner will be selected and contacted via email within 2 weeks. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you are impatient and don’t want to wait, no worries I also have a coupon code you may use right away! You can use deearivett for 10% off your purchase.



Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Custom Cases by CaseApp

January 10, 2018 § 4 Comments

Hey guys!

Excited to be sharing my new custom cover and laptop skin with you all!

CaseAppdesigns custom cases and laptop skins to your preference or offers pre designed cases/skins as well. Their prices are fairly priced and the quality is A M A Z I N G!

I decided to custom design my own case and laptop skin. I added a little extra to my iphone case design by adding in the text phrase

“find your tribe,

love them hard.”

It added an extra touch to the case and they are what I am most thankful for.

Then, I decided on creating a laptop skin because who doesn’t like a fun laptop to look at, come on! Haha. I chose to do one that displayed what every woman is set to be in the world. rumbleeeeee. A GIRL BOSS!

One of my favorite books is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I loved her dedication to achieve the level of success she wanted to reach. So, this laptop skin was defiantly a hit for me!

I actually ran into a little dilemma of trying to get these images printed correctly but CaseApp worked it all out and shipped these to me asap!

Upon receiving my case and laptop skin I took the time to inspect the quality of each product. I was quite impressed at how well the case hugged my phone in place. As well, the laptop skin was super easy to install with hardly any air bubbles to worry about.

Because I am so pleased with my final products CaseApp has given me a coupon code to share with you all to use towards your entire purchase. Use “DARIVETT20” over at for some dollas off!

Love & light <3,

Xox dee

*custom images from blog DesignLoveFest & Pinterest

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

DIY Candy Cane Reindeers

December 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

This was a super easy project! Angelo had fun and we bonded through the craft which was the best part!

I am going to list the supplies needed to create these DIY candy cane reindeers down below!


  • Candy canes
  • Pom pom balls
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Goggly eyes
  • Clear glue

I purchased all my materials from CVS and the Dollar store.


Start with wrapping each side of the pipe cleaner around your finger creating a swirl to represent the reindeers horns. Then wrap the pipe cleaner at the top where the candy cane curves and twist both ends of the pipe cleaner together. Then, add two goggly eyes (smaller sized) and your reindeers fluffy pom pom nose!

This was such a quick craft, literally just two steps!

I hope you enjoy making these yourself at home for the holidays with your littles.

Much love & happiness<3



Holiday Gift Guide 2017

December 1, 2017 § 2 Comments

Hey guys!

So lets talk Christmas!!! My favorite holiday of the year!!!

I am so excited to get this up for you guys just because I’ve always dreamt of having a little girl of my own someday and purchasing all these cute little girly things and such! I did a Holiday Gift Guide a few years back for Angelo and had so much fun doing it.

I’m going to start off with my picks for Scarlett and then follow on to my big boy Angelo!


Sherpa Bunny Plush Rocker

This is the cutest thing ever! I always wanted a rocker for Angelo when he was little but never got around to purchasing him one. This one is from Pottery Barn kids and its a cute little bunny. I’ve been obsessed with bunnies, piglets, swans, and flamingos lately so this was love!

Imaginarium Discovery 5 Way Activity Cube

Angelo lovedddd this as a kid and he still plays with it himself at the age of 4 1/2! It was only right this were added to Scarlett’s picks. She loves this wooden activity cube. It keeps her entertained for quite sometime.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Baby Doll – Brunette

I knew I wanted to get Scarlett a baby doll for Christmas. I want her to have a collection of different ethnicities. We already opened this up only because her grandmother ended up purchasing her this one for her birthday because it reminded her of Scarlett haha. Its probably the little brunette hair with the side clip because thats how I usually keep her hair out of her face. This was a hit she carries and feeds her baby doll all on her own all the time. I plan on getting her other dollies with different ethnicities to complete her collection.

SmarTrike 7 in 1 Folding Trike – Grey

This was on the top of my list and I’m so happy I decided to step into Toys R Us on Black Friday and find this gem! It’s so perfect and close up so easily. It already comes assembled you just have to click in a few pieces and you’re good to go! It is travel friendly and comes with its own little mesh bag to pack it away and stroll it to your car. This is great for walks, park dates, and even for the malls.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White

This kitchen has been the most popular play kitchen for kids since forever. It is the perfect size and comes in various colors. We are getting Scarlett the white colored one just because the kids share a play nook area and its perfect for the both of them. I plan on decorating this kitchen with little wooden baskets and play kitchen appliances. Kidkraft is one of my favorite toy brands. Their stuff is mainly wooden toys and the quality is amazing!

Janod Little Miss Vanity Set

This was a mist for me for this little babe! She discovered my vanity drawers filled with makeup that I have. I have over 6 drawers tall filled with makeup and she goes through every. single. one. everyday! She lost a couple lipliners, lord knows where they are and just recently she watched me put lipgloss on and I put a bit on her lips what was that for now she wants to open all my lip products haha. I just can’t she’s such a girly girl. I don’t mind because I waited for these moments all my life! I was on the hunt for a makeup set; wooden of course and big enough to not be much of a choking hazard because I know these types of toys are meant for older little girls. I’ll be watching her while she plays with them so I wasn’t worried when I found this set. I’m going to keep it close to my vanity drawers and probably empty one out and make it hers with these wooden makeup toys. They are super cute and I’m sure any little girl would love this set!

Leap Frog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

This had been a favorite for a while now. It is the cutest little picnic basket set with platters of food and everything else you would need for a picnic. It teaches colors and shapes. She can play hours with this and even Angelo likes to play along with her.


Nabi Hot Wheels 7″

This gift was a spare of the moment gift. We walked into Toys r Us on Black Friday and snagged this for just $40! Last year Angelo broke the screen to his ipad he’s had since he was about 2 years old. I honestly didn’t mind fixing it because he was becoming a bit addicted to it so we left it that way. His grandparents had bought him one of these when that happened just to have for him when he goes over to their house. He loves it! It has educational apps and also can be used with internet and so forth. I love the parental mode on it. I can literally set it up to shut off after an hour of use if I wanted to. For $40 it was a steal and my husband couldn’t wait till Christmas to give it to him so he’s already using it haha. Toys R Us actually has it on sale right now for $50! (Press the link on the name of product for this deal)

Operation Board Game

This year I want to stock Angelo up with lots of boardgames. He’s asked for this one for quite sometime and enjoys playing it during therapy sessions. He’s going to be so excited to have one of his own at home.

Scientific Explorer Jr. My First Outer Space Science Kit

Angelo’s fascinated with Science and outer space. This seemed like a cool kit because I also plan on getting him a telescope to keep in his room since he has a big wide open window.

My First Super Science Kit

Another science kit I know he will enjoy! These are all great because they teach in the process of playing! I linked this one from Michaels because you can use a 50% off coupon online!

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Batbot Xtreme

This is something he’s wanted for awhile but I could never bare to spend $80+ on it. It’s Christmas so why not I guess haha. Its basically almost as tall as him and its batman. He loves batman at the moment so I know he’ll be excited upon receiving this.

Safari LTD Deep Sea Creatures

Mentioned these in my instastories a few weeks ago. They are great quality figurines with realistic features from each animal. Angelo has enjoyed pretend playing with these. He is obsessed with sea animals so he was super excited to get these. They are handcrafted by hand coming from a family owned business. They offer plenty of other animals a long with foods etc. You can check them out at for their list of figurines.

Angelo’s list is pretty short because this kid has so many toys! We still aren’t finished with his list, but we might keep it short. I’ll be adding to it throughout the week so keep checking in!

I hope I’ve helped some of you with our Holiday Gift Guide this year for a toddler and kid.

(All the links are provided for each item upon clicking on name)


Dee ❤

The Nutcracker STARRING Scarlett – 1st Birthday

November 15, 2017 § 6 Comments

Over the weekend we celebrated my girls first birthday and baptism. I have been planning this birthday since I was pregnant with Scarlett because;

1.I like a head start

2.The theme required a lot of time to plan.

Scarlett’s 1st Birthday was a Nutcracker Party! Christmas is my favorite holiday and growing up I loved the Nutcracker ballet play. I knew I wanted something based off of it so I went to Pinterest. Sure enough it was a thing and I saw a few birthday parties based on the theme. One thing for sure was the decor all had to be created by me and only a small range of brands carried Nutcracker related birthday stuff.[Table skirt Festejos Party Rentals]

I did my research and found a boutique party shop who sold a line of gorgeous The Nutcracker Play related party supplies, but to my luck they were all international buyers and most of it all was sold out or just not available yet. I took myself to Etsy and sure enough I was able to find everything I needed for the kids table I wanted to create.[Backdrop CK Creative Studio] [Cake pops Lu belle Cakes – Nutcracker custom cookies Sweet Posh Cookie Co.][Cake Lu belle Cakes]

The cake table consisted of a beautiful fondant cake made out of almond cake and cream cheese filling, red velvet ballerina cake pops, Nutcracker Play inspired custom cookies, and a variety of Spanish sweets (mini tres leche, parcha mouse, and coconut bites). Everything tasted delicious![High chair Tutu skirt/ ONE banner/ Hobby Lobby – Wooden Pram Homegoods]

My vision for this party was a stage lookalike background with red velvet curtains, a dress up corner, a candy bar/goodie bag section, and a kids table set up for hands on activities.[Plates and party hats Celebration Lane – Cups Cranky Cakes Shop]

The activities I had in mind for the children were to create their own cookies and make their own holiday ornaments. We only got through the kids making their cookies because it was a big hit. We also booked a magician for entertainment which stole the show! He was A M A Z I N G! He brought in a live bunny that he incorporated in his magic show and did twist balloons for all the kids. It was a great hit for sure![Tree cones Homegoods – White wooden table Festejos Party Rentals][Nutcracker goodie boxes Oriental Trading]

All of the Nutcrackers and tree cones used were purchased from different stores like Ross, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dollar Store, and Target. Everything else was already owned by me or created with the help of my husband. All the furniture used were rented out pieces.[Wooden dolly pram Homegoods – Scarlett’s dress eBay – Scarlett’s crown eBay]

Scarlett’s outfits were definitely my favorite to pick out and put together. We did a dress for her entrance at the party and then changed her into a leotard tutu once the magician arrived. Honestly, her dress was never apart of the plan and it was definitely a last minute purchase. You wouldn’t believe how much I paid for that dress and how beautiful it made my girl look. I found it on eBay one night. It was in the perfect color and said it would arrive on time so I bought it! It only cost me 15$ ya’ll!!!! (I’ll provide links to it down below). Then her leotard was from @Dollcakevintage on Instagram. Her gold crown was from eBay, only cost me a 1$ HOLLA ATCHA GIRL! And her ballet shoes were from Amazon.[Leotard tutu Doll Cake – My red jumpsuit Forever21]

I enjoyed creating this dream come true for my little babe. I know its over the top for some but thats just me. I love being extra ecpecially when it comes to my kids.

The guest tables were decorated with vases full of red flowers, floating candles, gold mason jars, and nutcrackers. Gold charger plates with gold and white paper plates in the canter with a pink napkin and candy cane. The tables were covered in white linens with sparkly pink runners and white chair covers with red satin sashes! I didn’t get to picture them but I’m sure I have a picture somewhere and I’ll update the post when I find it.

If you have any questions or I miss anything you’d like to know info on just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!


Darivett ❤

All About my Frankie ft. Jord Watches

October 22, 2017 § 7 Comments

Hello ya’ll,

I have been dying inside to talk about this super unique time piece! If you love watches you definitely NEED a Jord Watch in your collection. 

I don’t have quite a big collection of watches but I do have a few favorites and none are the same. The Frankie is a 100% natural, hand finished wood watch. It has a sapphire crystal big face with a ebony band. 

What attracted me the most to this watch was the c o l o r. I don’t own anything like it. Then, the way it’s made out of pure wood, it is so light on the wrist that you forget its even there. I’ve received so many compliments while wearing it out! Since it does have a big face; meaning the glass itself is wider; it sticks out like a thumb and the biggest W O W factor to people is the fact it is all natural wood.

I wore out my Frankie to the pumpkin patch with my kiddos. I wore it out with a vintage floral print skirt from Zara known as “couch floral” for this seasons Fall 2017 fashion trend, paired with a white button up off the shoulder blouse and some suede blush toned heeled strappy flats. The watch tied my look together with my gold tone jewelry. I was/am o b s e s s e d with it!

Another thing is the craftsmanship of delivery of this watch. It comes in a wooden box with a color pen incase of touch ups, a cleaning cloth, and moisture beads to care for the watch when not in use. The box itself is also made out of pure wood. I was so amazed upon delivery opening it up because you can just smell the pure wood.

I wore my Frankie one more time recently and that was last night for a Halloween party. I was a devil angel and I am not one to walk out the house without some type of accessory. My Jord paired with the rest of my costume went so well! 

Nonetheless, you can wear this baby anywhere! And because I am sooooo overly obsessed with this baby, Jord watches has offered to let me host a giveaway for you guys to have a chance to win $100 towards any Jord watch of choice. + even if you don’t win by entering you still receive a $25 credit to use on their site.

To win just follow these simple steps:

1️⃣Follow myself @deearivett & @jordwatches on Instagram 

2️⃣Enter using this link provided

Or head on over to my Instagram account and follow the link in bio! 

The contest will close tonight 10/22 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on December 31st. Good luck!


Find my watch here: Frankie in Ebony and Gold

Disclaimer: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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