Thursdays with mama.

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Every Thursday our usual day runs like this:
1. Wake up, feed Angelo
2. Angelo bathes while mama choices outfits for the both of us ( he bathes in my jacuzzi, so I’m always near)
3. Angelo gets dressed, feeds and watches Mickey
4. I hop in the shower and get ready
5. Get Angelo’s bag ready and out the door we go!

After all that madness jaja we either have lunch with a friend, shop around or the usual I go to my moms salon and get pampered.

As always I enjoy dressing my boy ❤
Here are all the details!


Dee <33333

Outfit details:
Scarf: Zara
Striped sweatshirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Oxfords: Target






Camo all day.

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Outfit ootd:
Grey beanie: Walmart
Bow tie: @brennasbows
Camo button up: Walmart
Skinny jeans: H&M
Timberlands: bought off IG shop, could possibly be found online.


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I can’t wait until 2014! I am so ready for a new year 🙂 I have goals set and I am ready to achieve everyone of them.
First off with getting back into school. I miss it soo much! Then comes moving into a new place. I am more excited to decorate the place than anything else jaja. I love arts and crafts and DIY projects in which I am so excited to start! Also, I have a little surprise for everyone 😉
2014 is going to be great year, I’ll make sure of that. I hope to get back to my workout routines and lose a couple pounds may be 10lb! Jaja


dee ❤

Fudge fly, I am FASHION.

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On this day Angelo came along with me to the salon. I needed to retouch my roots and like always my mama is to the rescue :)! Thank God for a hairstylist as a mom!
My mom was so excited to see Angelo since our distance is quite far, but we always keep in touch and try to hang out on the weekends. Every time my mom sees Angelo she grabs him quick out of the car seat to go show off her grandson to her clients, never fails jaja. Like always Angelo behaved so well while I was getting all glam up!

I know lately I haven’t been posting up much of Angelo’s outfit details because I have been quite busy with my sewing classes and sewing projects ;). I AM HAPPY to say that I finally finished my classes and sewed up my skirt! I am trying to get back to posting more outfit dets.!


dee ❤


Outfit Ootd:
Cobalt blue beanie: Walmart
Army green jacket: Old Navy
Denim shirt: H&M
Striped bow tie: @brennasbows (IG)
Lightning boys leggings: Zara
Jordan 11: Gifted but could possibly find in footlocker


No need for competing.

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Very true my friend! Besitos from Angelo and I ❤

The Gentle Mom

After becoming a mom I have noticed that other moms always love to compete. Why is that? Why is it that we as humans are never content with our own situations and the things we have? It’s always about whose child crawled first, walked first, stood up first, dresses better, behaves better, and so forth. I don’t compare my son to anyone. My son is his own person, and to be completely honest I am in no rush for him to reach the next milestone. Life passes us by so quickly and you notice this even more when one has children. I don’t want to take any of these special moments for granted. I don’t want to miss something because I was too busy worrying about what someone else’s child was doing “first”. What I see the most is mothers judging other mothers for doing certain things. Who cares if…

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Happy Birthday Great Grandma.

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Sunday we spent our day getting ready for my husbands grandma and Angelo’s great grandmas birthday party. Angelo seriously looked so handsome and was in the greatest mood. The food was off the chain! Everything was so beautiful! All the family was together. Angelo and I met some of my husbands other family members that have never met either one of us. It was a very nice time spent with family. I cherish moments like these ❤ Family is always everything.


Modern world Momma

Mamas Ootn:
Plum knee length dress: H&M
Knee length boots: online boutique (2 yrs old)
Lips: Wet’n’wild Berry Beautiful
Accessories: Forever 21, MK, BrinandBrell


Angelo’s Ootn:
Cardi: H&M
Denim button up: H&M
Red Chinos: H&M
Red stoned bow tie: @brennasbows (IG)
Mustard moccs: @featherandfilly (IG)

We have all the great time in the world <3

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