Halloween Arts & Crafts

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Our finished product to carving and painting these beauties last night!
Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2



Work day’s with Mama

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As you may know I left working at Diesel to be a stay at home working mom. Till this day I do not regret choicing to leave and spend more time with my son. Angelo completes me and I love, love, spending all of my days and time next to him. Angelo is so attached to me just as much as I am to him.

On this day, it was beautiful outside! We decided to spend sometime out and let my aunt snatch away on photos jaja.







Pumpkin Patch fun/ Sissy’s Gender Reveal Party!

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We took Angelo to his first pumpkin patch with some friends and family. He loved it and did we. He wanted to put his own little pumpkin all up in his mouth jaja. We enjoyed ourselves and took plenty of photos. My best friend and her family came along as well. We took great pictures of our kiddos together surrounded by hay and a patch full of bright colored pumpkins. 

After the patch we went on to meet up with more family and friends to celebrate my little sisters gender reveal party. We hosted it at my mothers boyfriend’s pizzeria; it was a small gathering. We decorated an area and had pizza, wings, salad, and cake. We waited on their arrival to finally reveal the gender of the baby!







IT’S A GIRL!!!!!



Bleached out Mama!

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New Look!- Gone lighter ladies!

I love it! My mother is my best hairstylist! After I got pregnant I decided to go a different way and cut my bangs and hair a bit shorter. After a few months I started regretting it and wanted my hair to its usual way. Before Angelo I was always concerned about how perfect my hair had to be jajaja now its the complete opposite! I can give to flying ***** how it looks jajaja. But, I did decide on growing out my bangs and dyeing it lighter. So here I am with light roots and a full head of highlights!

Check me out mamas jaja!


Star Spangled boy

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Outfit for this day was inspired for our country U.S.A! I love where I reside and where I have decided to raise a family in. God bless our America!

Outfit details

Graphic blue onesie: DieseL baby, runs about 35$

Star Cardigan: H&M 9.95$

Handmade Red Moccs: Deeriehandmade 18$ can be found on etsy or IG @deeriehandmade

Keep checking in dolls,

Xox, dee

Angelo’s 8th Monthery

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He’s a premie baby so he’s a month behind on certain things but it’s normal. He doesn’t mind spending lots of time on his tummy now, hopefully he will start crawling soon. He loves to be standing and he moves his legs an feet like if he’s ready to start walking lol. I love him, I am in love with you baby! I suck at expressing myself most of the time, but Angelo is my world. I am obsessed with him.






My life now.

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Being a mom has changed my perspective in life. Before I didn’t care about anything or anyone, just myself. Now I have this perfect little human being I have to raise and care for and I wouldn’t change my life for anything. Angelo is truly the light of my day and a run around thought in my head all day when were not together. When I met my husband, after just a few months of dating I knew I wanted to have kids with “that” man. I created in my head what “my” perfect baby would look like and hoped and prayed everyday to God that Angelo would come out just as I pictured in my dreams. When I found out I was pregnant I was the happiest woman alive, because my husband and I had been together for 8 years and we had never got in pregnant. The one time I am ready and want it so bad “BOOM” it happened. Just to clear up Angelo was a planned pregnancy jaja. I wanted and felt ready to be a mom.
When Angelo was born and I saw those pretty grayish, blueish eyes stare deep into my soul, I was such in unbelief shock! The boy I dreamed of, created in my dreams, prayed and prayed everyday to God, was exactly like in my dreams ❤️. Angelo was everything I wanted and more! Light skin like daddy, blue eyes, mommas birthmarks, brown hair, full blunt eye lashes. I was in love with my little boy 😍. I was so thankful, thankful my baby made it alive out of my old placenta( I was diagnosed with Placental insufficiency at 32 weeks).
I always wonder if Angelo knows how much I love him. I always told myself that my children will always feel loved no matter what! Just thinking about him tears my eyes sometimes because I am so happy he is here and all the cute, adorable things he does warm in my heart. Angelo so smart jaja he knows when I leave, he knows when formula is on its way because he reaches his arms out like “gimme, gimme”, when he hasn’t seen me for awhile he gives me the biggest hug by grabbing my face and gripping my hair close to his face like “mama I missed you”, he grabs his own bottle and loves to feed himself, so many things an so many memories I will cherish forever with my boys.





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