First Fall ootd !

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Hey pretty ladies 😘,

Heres Angelo’s first Fall season outfit for the day! Here in Orlando,FL we don’t get much of a Fall weather up until January! Well we feel it a bit around October but our Fall and Winter is practically a mix in January. It kind of sucks because it confuses our wardrobe a bit, but I don’t care when ever the weather is blah, like today and the past days it has been raining, I’ll bring out some of our Fall wardrobe pieces!
Angelo was cute little copilot today! 🚁

Copilot hat: bought on Ebay for 5$ shipped
Light denim shirt: H&M for 12$
Planes onesie: H&M for 9.95$
Dark brown pants: H&M for 14.95$ ( bought last year before Angelo was even born)
Red moccs: Derriehandmade for 18$; you can find her on IG @derriehandmade or etsy!

All those fab! pieces completed my sweet baby’s outfit today. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back!

Xox, Dee πŸ’‹






Sundays Wardrobe

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Newspaper boy hat: Carter’s (bought way before Angelo was born)
You can find similar on
Rolling Stones T-Shirt: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online
Red Trousers: H&M for 9.95$ in stores and available online
Handmade Gold Moccs: @Bensfavoritethings

For this beautiful day Angelo will be comfy and stylish πŸ˜‰
I’ll be posting more about his wardrobe and where I purchase/shop for his clothing, shoes, and accessories! I hope you enjoy mommas 😘

Xox- Dee πŸ’‹





Beauty Dupes

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Hey hot mommas! I thought I’d share some makeup dupes that I have came across looking through other makeup junkies blogs that are far way cheaper and work just as well! Being a mother doesn’t mean we cant keep our sexy on! πŸ˜‰
I love hair, makeup, & nail polish! I collect a bunch of nail polishes from OPI to Essie, Revlon, China Glaze and a whole bunch of other lowered priced brands. I know every brand works differently on everyone based on there skin types and such, so I suggest you try just a bit on an area on your skin; like your wrist; to determine any allergy reactions. I found most of these off of Pinterest, a great place to search for almost everything and anything.
I’ll keep posting more beauty dupes once I come across them! Enjoy
Xox – Dee πŸ’‹








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These stylish funky very cool welcome mats are super adorb! You can find them at Target for just 12.99$!!! Love them ❀ Give your home a bit of FUNK!
Follow @targetdoesitagain on IG for many great Target goodies! I love Target it is my favorite for groceries, baby items, makeup, shoes, and sometimes apparel. My husband hates stepping foot into Target with me because I spend hours in there without even recognizing it jajaja.



Your still YOU.

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I’ve been reading this book called “The Happiest Mom” by Meagan Francis. So far the book is amaze balls 😜. It focuses on “10 secrets to enjoying motherhood”. At the beginning, reading through the book I came across this passage where shes explaining what to expect in each chapter during your read. This passage truly touched me since after giving birth I felt very alone and just totally weird with myself. Motherhood was something I always wanted and look forward to, until I was put in a certain position of having my son left behind in the Winnie palmers NICU because of prematurity. I couldn’t cope with the fact that my body had changed due to pregnancy and I have never been the type of person to worry about what others think or have insecurities. I have always been very confident about myself. To add the cherry on top I had moved miles away from my family and best friend and felt very lonely.
Currently, I can truly say I feel 10x better. I am starting to feel like myself and enjoy the life I have been given to be a mother to the most perfect little boy and a wife. And like the passage says

“You’re a different person than you were when you became a parent, but your still you.”


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At 22 years old I am a mother and wife and I wouldn’t trade any bit of where I am today πŸ‘ͺ


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